Mark Knowler is a Calgary based photographer who specializes in portraits, wedding & event photography, as well as some commercial work.

Mark has always enjoyed taking pictures, but has been shooting seriously for about 7 years. He holds a Certificate of Photography from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, although much of his learning can be credited to working with others. He has been fortunate enough to learn from seasoned professionals in various fields of photography, and collaborate regularly with other photographers.

When shooting for clients, Mark typically works as a one man show, although sometimes an assistant is required for certain jobs.

In photography, subject matter varies so widely, from weddings, maternity & newborns, to food, commercial products, and cage fighting! Mark truly enjoys creating and experiencing the wide diversity of subjects that go along with photography. He is thankful for the opportunities given and the people he's met through photography, and is forever seeking new ideas and interesting people to create with.